BB Talk: The Exclusive

Any Spug will tell you that BB has a commanding presence. According to a new study, only 3% of our population fulfills the criteria of a true leader. BB is almost one of those 3%. In 2008, The New Fork Times witnessed BB’s almost-greatness for themselves in an exclusive interview with our ringmaster. It’s our pleasure to announce that after many years pursing this in the court system we have finally received the rights to re-publish what has become “that interview” by so many of our subscribers.Get ready, get set, you gotta read this.


The drinks were chill. BB greeted me at the door with a classic Sazerac cocktail. He’d acquired the absinth during a recent jaunt in the Netherlands. Formal as ever, BB and I sat on a couch rumored to have once belonged to Andy Warhol. While the ambience was charming, even decadent, the elephant in the room was apparent and unsettling. It had taken NFT  nearly a decade to procure this interview. As many of our readers know, BB has been in hiding since 1998 when Spugnation 1.0, now back with a vengence as the newly improved “Spugnacious,” was sued by numerous magazines for stealing material. He’s finally decided to break the silence as contributors are riling over alleged copy-write infringements that just might pull the rug out from ‘Spug’.

“BB, how did you feel when Newsweek approached former Spugnacious Editor in Chief, Ricky Sarbotious, stating Spug had virtually copied and pasted their life and style column?

“Everything is virtual. It’s a virtual magazine.”

“No, virtual in the sense of literal…”

“Of course. Gotcha,” long pause, “I was upset. I was mortified. I was drunk.”

“What was that?”

“I didn’t have a lot of time to process things; alcohol, or anything.”

“What did you do?”

“I got out of bed. I called Spug I told them to cut it and to shut down all Spugnation 1.o operations. Of course they wouldn’t give up so easily, not like me, and that’s why we’re who we are today: Spugnacious.”

“And what exactly does ‘Spugnacious’ mean to BB?”

“Spugnacious is a noun. It is a thing. Spugnatory  is the verb. It means to inquire about other things, specifically the formal analysis of time and space.”

“But critics say Spugnacious is just another Spugnation, and readership has plummeted while grammatical errors are on the rise. What’s your opinion on the recent heat?”

“It’s getting hot in here, and that’s fo sho, but on the whole, Spugnacious’ in it’s twighlight hour, is really taking off. We’ve still maintained at least 5o subscriptions.”

“…along with the infamous Glenda from Missouri.”

“We appreciate Glenda.”

“Rumour has it…”


“That she’s your mother.”

“She isn’t.”

“But what would you say to her, and the rest of your readership, if you knew they were reading this now?”

“We’ll make it through the storm, we’ve just gotta run real fast cause the tornado’s coming.”

Ever the poet, we ended things there. As BB walked me to the door, I felt a promising Spug story on the way. A story that could beat the odds. A story that would pull us through.


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