Letter to the Editor

Dear BB,

If Paul Revere was such a big deal, then how come no one dresses up like him on halloween?


Glenda from Missouri


Dear Glenda from Missouri,

Thank you for you question. Paul Revere is an intriguing figure indeed. And it’s no wonder that over the years we’ve received so many questions about this American Tattle Tale. However, I must say that none have been quite as relevant to our current culture as yours. We all know that Paul Revere¬†joined the Freemasons and became chummy with James Otis and Dr. Joseph Warren, and that he commanded Castle William at Boston Harbor, but what we don’t know is why the youth of today refuse to honor his patriotism on the scariest of nights. Frankly, this question is too large and complex to answer. However, I will say that James Otis was one hell of a chess player and Paul would not refute this.