How To Say “Yes” To Life.


Just say yes, all the time.

Want to go to a movie? Yes.

Can I step on your face? Yes.

Will you marry me? Yes.

Will you give Spugnacious a lot of money? Yes.

Tomorrow? Yes.

Yes? Yes.


Other ways to say yes:

“Of course”



“You gotcha!”



“Fuck yes.”

Now that you know various ways to say yes, you can never be called a “yes” (wo)man again.

Editor: Marrianne Brazil


Back from Hiatus (Again)

After attempting a risky business venture, we’re back. And we’ve decided “Hydra Cream” is not for us. However, we will be expanding Spugnacious shortly, but without this guy:



Editor: Tom Waits (not the singer)

Image: flickr

Fashion Advice

It’s that time of year again when you’re going to start wanting to wear clothes.

So we’ve called fashion Editor (and part time ninja) Maisy LeFleuf to lend us some fashion advice.

“Just wear this—always.” – LeFleuf 

weird clothes

It was surprisingly simple.